Unit 2-Assessment

Unit 2/L 1- Realise the Project Proposal and prepare towards final exhibition.

The purpose of my project proposal was to explore how “How can Japanese poetry structure become the structure of a non-written form of contemporary Sound Design? (October 2008) and the aims were to explore a number of Japanese poetry forms; this in essence has remained constant backbone of the project.

Unit 1,was an exploration phase in my practice, in which I focused on writing poetry, photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, in general developing my experience in a range of areas.

Towards the end of unit 2, I created “Butterflies” white edition, opened up the possibility of symbolic representation of abstract ideas, and lead to a further two pieces, in the Butterflies trilogy, thus the idea of multiple linked narratives was formed.

In the “Perfect Cloud” series, the animation remains the same in both variations, it is only by replacing an alterative audio, does the narrative appear to change, by our own association with the words spoken, in the first we question our morality and in the second we read the film as a child does in term of things they like.

The IE 9 series contains single narrative and inter-linked narrative works; this is something I will be interested in developing further possibly in longer “short film “ format.

2. Prepare for the exhibition

I think its fair to say that preparation for the exhibition and creating the work for exhibition in unit 2 has been extremely challenging.

I had planned to come down to London, to help with the show, but my mother has had two operations within a couple of months, at a times it has been difficult at times to visualize the end, other than it is a finite conclusion, and something must happen.

I know I haven’t contributed as much as I wanted to the final show, but I tried to contribute towards the group throughout the year, by email or through classroom chats.

The final work will be displayed on a screen as a show reel of work, showing completed parts of the work, except “Butterflies” Yellow, which a shorter sample because I felt that the end of the animation was the part which reflected the mood of the music and the type of animation I wanted to create.

Unit 2/L 2-Present a resolved body of creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding.

The IE 9 series is a resolved body of work,below two parts are discussed at further length.

Perfect Cloud Variations

The original poem written by myself, captured the concept of the transient life, applied wabi-sabi aesthetic and was also a personal response to Shelly’s poem “The Cloud”.

I had planned to create this work as a silent film, and then I “found” the audio sample on variation 1,and I realised that the audio by using the audio I could add a further level of meaning to the work, after all, the artist explores his work, in relation to the transient nature of life, despite the issue with the sound distortion, I still felt that it added another layer of concept to the animation.

Originally I had drew this animation as series of key frames, this was modified in Flash and outputted as an animation and the sound was added in final cut pro.

This was a development of variation 2, by using the same footage as Variation 1, and changing only the audio, it becomes through association a different piece of work; this variation will be entered in the Children’s film festival in July 2010.

Butterflies (IE4) Trilogy

Butterflies white edition, created in November 2009, changed my practice which was at that moment, had lost its direction, was created in response to the death of Michael Jackson and first exhibited at the 100 SQft exhibition in November 2009.The seeds of symbolic representation, can be traced to the series of miniature Mughal workshops I attended in February 2009 and the discussion I had with Farrah Adnan. Whilst I believe that the work represented idea of collecting celebrities, it captures the wabi-sabi aesthetic and is a still life installation.

The Butterflies Black edition, was a living installation, in which I planted wildflowers, especially attract butterflies, thus the black edition contains three narratives, life, death and the transient life through the occasional butterfly or honeybee, which interact with the installation or the wind blowing.

I could not secure a larger site, to create the time-lapse animation, to capture a sense of the work, so this smaller variation was made.

The Black edition is referred to as black, because whilst parts of it are living, they are decaying in front of your own eyes.

This Butterflies Yellow Edition-Joy, was created to end the Butterflies trilogy, whilst we mourn death, we can neither escape it or wish it away, and so I concluded this series, by creating a piece of work which would celebrate living.

Butterflies started with death of Michael Jackson, so it end a year on, with a new piece of work, composed and animated which represents the joy or trace that he left behind, after all he did bring a lot of joy through his music and the millions of dollars he donated to charity.

Whilst the sound piece is fully realised, the current animation piece could be regarded as a work in progress, since I only think the last 20 seconds works and so will be revisited and developed further and entered into the Exposures Film festival as a Music Video (30 July 2010).

Unit 2/L3-Analyse and reflect coherently upon your own practice and others through your presentation at the programmed symposium forming a synthesis of your practice-based research.

The symposium was a complicated, not only did I have to find out exactly how I wanted to present my thoughts to an audience, some of which were not familiar with my work.

My first attempt was in essence was fully developed, I wrote a transcript and recorded it, it was just not loud enough, this was resolved by re-recording the transcript using word to voice translation software and presenting this on the day to of the symposium.

The final symposium was an interesting experience after the first one, which was rather disastrous, and found that whilst it wasn’t an ideal medium of presentation; at least the audience understood it.

The class discussion following the second presentation of the Symposium, after class watched the recorded video, was enlightening,it made me consider how other people understand what I try to communicate in my work.


I have participated in other artist’s presentations, generally a greater degree in some artists than other, chiefly due to my own understanding of their work, and not any particular bias.

Sara is a face to face student,who unable to present her symposium, at the time,so when I received her email, asking other artists to look at her presentation and give her feedback, I watched it and give her my written thoughts for her symposium, it was interesting to learn from her that I raised a number of issues which she had considered in unit 1.

I think that Hassens project has been an interesting one, from a conceptual point of view and an area of research I find interesting also, while his methodology is different from mine; I think I feel that I have been able to offer some useful contributions to his Symposium and throughout the classroom chats.

Unit 2/L 4-Summarise your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development.

Throughout this course I have exhibited at a four of exhibitions (100 sqft), participated in a major festival (futureverything) and will shortly be collaborating with the Carne Griffiths curator of the 100 sqft exhibitions in the IE 9 series book.

I have developed my written skills through writing poems, proposals and MA papers, and whilst I have found this difficult, because of my own disability and other issues, I have continued and developed, through persistence over time.

I had technical skills in some areas before I started the course (photograph and filmmaking), but I was interested in many other areas such as sculpture and sound design and this required further development of technical skills.

Throughout this course I have been developing my industry experience, by attending workshops such Andrew Bracey Animation Workshop at Manchester Art Gallery, 2010, Directing for theatre workshop – JMK Trust, Contact theatre, Manchester.2009

Attended the miniature mughal Workshops at Art house, Wakefield, 2009,

The experience of the Fablab challenge and Futureverything 2010, encouraged me to develop other work which could be fabricated such as “Words”,” Brown”, Green Space and Mount Fuji.

Successfully completed the PTTLL course level 4, which will enable me to have the basic qualifications to teach at post 16 educational setting and developed my understanding in Sustainability through a Nutshell course online.,now called Understanding Place-making,because I am interested in how artists and regeneration and Sustainability can work together.

As part of my professional development I have created a business plan, covering the next 48 months, beginning with short term goals such as successfully finish my MA and exhibit in London MA show and enter my films in festivals including the Exposures and the London Children film festival.

Medium term goals include developing and creating films especially art, installation and animation, with the possibility of studying a PhD by practice in Film at a future date, at the University of Exeter.

My long term goals include, artistic representation by an established contemporise art gallery such as Lehmann Maupin, and beers Lambert and also develop and  fabricate large public sculpture through foundry such as Pangolin editions.

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