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Design for Life -Episode 4/p2

The challenge


A firm idea, technical drawing, branding name, logo,

Suitable design must work Starck ideals

Non-electric Ethical, democratic, ecological, sustainable design

Dick Powell- Founder,seymourpowell Design co.

“When you build a prototype to are actual building a prototypes, your actually making something real, your not just talking about it, not just floating concepts, you’re doing it, and that’s what designs about,

It really a key stage in proving an idea, to ensure that, yes it’s going to deliver what we want to”

Successful Product Designer must be able to harness Certain skills

1.Source of Ideas

Jeremy Myerson , Royal College of Art  (RCA), (Refers to source of ideas)

“   The internal source is you personality, your own memories, your own recollections, the creative influences you’ve soaked up over time, the second source is comes from looking outside ,from observation, from talking to people ,from seeing what’s happening ,in the world around us”

2. Then a good technical understanding

Dick Powell, Founder,seymourpowell Design co.

 “It makes me cross you get young design students, who say “Oh the engineers will sort it out” that is nonsense.

 You the designer, you’re the person, who has to sort it out, figure it out how to make it. That’s where the skill in, where the craft is”

3. its all pointless without communication

Dick Powell, Founder,Seymourpowell Design co.

“ We see it all the time, great ideas poorly presented, fail merely because it hasn’t been carried with passion and conviction and with an articulate argument.

Design for life -Episode 4

Must watch again-especially section on where ideas come from

BBC Two, Accessed via BBC Iplayer, On 8th/9 October, Episode 4

“A product that doesn’t exist on the market today

Ideas with technical drawings ,ready for the protoypes “


Issues-What they though and what the client wanted was so far apart’

A firm idea, technical drawing, branding, logo,

Suitable design

Feedback from Presentation / Pitch

  • Must workout technical details before presentation
  • Must know how it works (Technical issues should be worked out) to the point that the technical drawings can be given to a model-maker or third [part and they can produce the item.
  • Presentation must be Professional
  • Smart and workable solution
  • Dematerialise everything –less is more, pair down the design.

Design for Life -Episode 3

BBC Two, Accessed via BBC Iplayer, On 8th October

Episode 3

Up to now , stark has set ‘s generic tasks to test and develop their way of thinking.

Big project

Produce a product,presented which  it will be go to market

“We make any object, which is ethical or ecological, democratic, for daily , which is non electric or if its incredible idea , you must convince me ,remember your soul, don’t forget your honesty ,your moral , its clear “Starck

“If you redesign that less useful than if you invent,the goal is always to invent”

“One week to give what we call in France the “Avant Project” ‘ Stark wife

  • Fully formed ideas
  • First Draft
  • Initial sketches
  • Actual proposal

Stark designs obsessed with sustainability

Products with longevity

Innovation Not redesign

“Dynamo kinetic technology is kinetic perfectly fit Stark brief—allows people who don’t have electricity or batteries to use everyday items like radios, touches, razors or even generate their own energy.

It’s democratic because it’s cheap

It’s ecological because it removes the need batteries

And ethic because it improves the life of people of poorer countries across the world

It’s what Starck believe makes good design”


Idea Generation

Dick Powell- Founder, seymourpowell design co

“When it comes to ideas generation, self belief and confidence are everything, young design often lack that confidence.

Thomas Edison said that invention is 90% perspiration and 10 % inspiration but actually to make it work, to get the ideas to work is where the great stress lies ”


Bridge the gap between when they and  society is

Present your ideas very important in Starck’s success

Take a risk, lose your inhibitions,performance ,confience , immersive approach ,excited about ideas,dare and courageous

Understanding other people’s life, getting life experience

Making a fantastic pitch is 50% to selling a great idea

Design Coucil, Antonia Ward –managing editor

“its absolutely cruitial as a designer ,that you immerse yourself in the world your designing for, the people you designing, for the world your designing for and to understand them ,people will talk about what they want ,but often design is meeting unmet needs or needs that they  haven’t articulated yet, they don’t know they want and that’s why you have to immerse yourself ,observe people and find out the things they want ,that’s they don’t know they want 

Think, feel and experience before designing


Dick Powell- Open brief

 “An open brief ,is where ,there’s nothing to get hold of , you can’t anchor your thinking  in something, so when you have an open brief ,you need to anchor it very quickly and say this is the broad area I’m going to operate in otherwise your grabbing at clouds the whole time “


Sell yourself and the product

The Pitches

How to tackle emotions such as Solitude into a product.

Cruical to design all the technical aspects –how it will work 

A single original idea


Discover everyday objects nade interesting, but also can be extremely useful for blind people.

“When I present a first draft, the product is finished ,we almost never touch again,the producer say “wow, okay i can take it “


“That shows something ,that I don’t believe in the “the group” teamwork because teamwork “normalize” the level of thinking, dreaming .”


You don’t be vague , dig deeper into the project

Have a clear purpose or goal and then realize it through the product.