Butterflies (IE4) Joy

A wondrous butterfly-



The Yellow Edition,is the final variation of the Butterflies trilogy series, and resolves both the underlying themes of the Poem “Butterflies” and the artist own feelings,by creating a new piece of work,as the butterflies shift from white ,black and blue,Purple,green and finally Yellow,the artist says goodbye to the muse behind this project ,by creating an original piece of work, something which would not have happened otherwise.

Yellow in this instance represents the spirit of a person or the trace they leave behind on the world they once inhabit, one year on,since the death of Michael Jackson,he still has the ability to inspire artists and left so much joy behind.

The Butterflies music piece,contains five different instruments, each represent a decade of Michael life,and as they float and weave in and out,in this experimental piece,they are nether living or dead and just exist,as music,and iconography,This final work will be a celebration of the human spirit, which is Pure Joy .



JULY 1, 2010

Drawings were painted with inks on watercolour paper .Scanned in, and colour corrected and resized in Photoshop

A Straight edit of images, into sequential order (from white, black, through phases of colours to yellow) in Final cut pro, didn’t like them, results were static and rather bland.

Cutting the background in Photoshop or flash is a bit cumbersome, masks etc

So Imported drawings into illustrator Cs2 > live traced>exported as png files.

Opened in Photoshop and background (selected and deleted).

Imported in to Flash, to animate.

. Png files allowed individual drawings to be layered upon each other,in Flash,this opens up many possibilities.




Butterflies Variations

Butterflies (white Edition) was a reflective piece, this is pure joy and therefore is the Yellow Edition.

The Black Edition ,is currently on hold,until I can secure a site.

This work was inspired by a sound, became a Installation still Life(white edition),Installation -Living(black edition) and ends with the Yellow edition which is a sound exploration,this is the full length version, a 42 second version will appear in the IE9 film,with a short animation.


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