Perfect Cloud-finishing off

Found source material for clouds

Rotoscoped the footage on tracing paper from movie clips.

Transfered tracing onto paper,and drawn over a areas of interest with a calligraphy pen.

Scanned in drawings

Resized and colour corrected.

Experimented with edit in Premiere and FCP.

Added extra frames in Flash ,like it ,but lost character of drawings

Import drawing >trace bitmap>see below,allowed the drawings to be layered ,and remove background also.(images still look like Drawings).

Lining up drawing becomes rather confusing ,so done a quick contact sheet ,rechecked the orientation of all drawings and found a couple who are the wrong way up,make life even more confusing.

There are 11 ,drawings,there should be 12, but I missed one out ,when I was rotoscoping footage and  only realized when I was drawing in pen,so there is no number 10,I could of added one, but I like the idea of the “missing drawing,that never was”.

11 drawing equal 1 second of animation, and is the beginning of the animation.(pal 25 frames ,so two drawing will be 3 frames,make up for the missing 10).

I can see  a whole new series of work,which were missing because they were never created.

Middle section-19 drawings-2 seconds

Drawing 15 missing-no idea-wasn’t drawn.

Rechecked drawings,a couple were wrong was up,now everything is the right way up.

End section-1o drawings-1 second

No missing drawings

Rechecked drawings,everything was right way up.

The issue is 1 second  or four second animation,Do export as Quicktime files , but wordpress hasn’t allowed me to show animations that short before.

To combat this ,I will create a “motion tween” in Flash using my drawings as keyframes(1 second intervals),once the  drawings have been traced as as bitmap,so flash will generate the “in between drawings’

First section-11 drawings-11 seconds

Middle-19 drawings-19 seconds

End -10 drawing-15 seconds

= 45  seconds

Sound is 43 seconds long ,so made end section longer.


Found sound has a distortion on it,I have been trying to fix this ,but so far I have had limited success with it,so I will be exporting  the final animation  as a soundless piece for show.

Will add the sound on a later version, once the sound is fixed.

Perfect Cloud/Variation two -Managed to record the sound ,love it,so funny and rather sweet.

Title Sequence (created in Flash)

Please note,I have added about 5 seconds of Black at beginning and 10 seconds at end,

otherwise it was just too short and wouldn’t upload.