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Unit 1 / W 62

Firstly it seems people are commenting on “critique-gate” on their blogs, so I thought I might add to the “friendly”  discussion by saying one thing.

I personally did find some of the abrasive manner in the critiques uncalled for, I know we’re all different, but there has to be a certain level of professionalism towards both our work and to each other.

It is possible to be honest but fair….Okay,moving on.

I am working on my paper ,which is an absolute nightmare,but I have to stay focused and finish the damn thing…wish there was a MA without a Paper.

I ‘m find the entire process overwhelming, so bite sizes, a couple of hundred words at a time?

I just know that when its done, I can concentrate on my practice .

I just can’t wait.

Found my Bookbinding and Printmaking  notes, after looking everywhere for them I found them in my folio folder…drat.

Finally my work open’s Sunday.