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Unit 2-Assessment

Unit 2/L 1- Realise the Project Proposal and prepare towards final exhibition.

The purpose of my project proposal was to explore how “How can Japanese poetry structure become the structure of a non-written form of contemporary Sound Design? (October 2008) and the aims were to explore a number of Japanese poetry forms; this in essence has remained constant backbone of the project.

Unit 1,was an exploration phase in my practice, in which I focused on writing poetry, photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, in general developing my experience in a range of areas.

Towards the end of unit 2, I created “Butterflies” white edition, opened up the possibility of symbolic representation of abstract ideas, and lead to a further two pieces, in the Butterflies trilogy, thus the idea of multiple linked narratives was formed.

In the “Perfect Cloud” series, the animation remains the same in both variations, it is only by replacing an alterative audio, does the narrative appear to change, by our own association with the words spoken, in the first we question our morality and in the second we read the film as a child does in term of things they like.

The IE 9 series contains single narrative and inter-linked narrative works; this is something I will be interested in developing further possibly in longer “short film “ format.

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Symposiums day 2

Symposiums day 2

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2) :Cloudseeker it has real impact in the new version

RS:I think it’s perhaps easier to follow than the audio

The sound still seems to be breaking up, it was fine this morning

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

Cloudseeker, I really love how you’ve connected the transience of clouds with that of life.

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp)

I think your work has come together so well Cloudseeker

Andrew Stiff (astiff)

Thanks Cloudseeker – this is clearer

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

Still trying to visualize what your final piece will be like…

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

Very, very complex!


Okay out of the nine pieces of work, about half of them are hand made and the others are digitally produced either digital printing, laser cut, or produced in wood

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp)

I can see how all the things you have been working on have kind of come together now

Or you still going to use your blog?

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)


Rupert: you’ve drawn from such a wide variety of contexts: inspiring. How you can influence by so many diverse things

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

We appreciate the width of the context in your work… i.e. Japanese poetry, etc

Hassen Husain (hassen)

You’ve got a well-defined theme, which I think is strong

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

We’re trying to find the link between the poetry and the work

Andrew Stiff (astiff)

Could you expand the dialogue between the poetry and the physical work?


I am an artist, studied paint, drawing, fashion, multi-media and using sketch-up and blender to created 3d models, which will be fabricated.

I see the world differently, for example Words- is represented by holes in paper, some are close together, and represent the brain trying to find the right one, next to the type which is distorted because that how it is in the brain

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

Will the pieces reflect this?


Yes, I will be posting clearer artist statements with working example shortly

Andrew Stiff (astiff)

That would be excellent

Hassen Husain (hassen)

Will you have anything projected – I wonder if you could have a color theme?

Andrew Stiff (astiff)

This is a really interesting approach


But the point of the work, is to show another of different relationship by altering the viewpoint

Of the audience

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

Andy is saying one-way of viewing is to invert the image, i.e. looking at the white background instead of the black type. Also, how do people with dyslexia view things?

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp)


Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

How will this appear in the final show? Will it be on the website?


No idea, I was going to send part s of it down and project the rest in situ at a number of locations

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

For example?

Andrew Stiff (astiff)

Is Japanese poetry just generator?

Is the poetry just architecture for the finished work?


It is, to a point, poets spend their whole lives trying to write, mine is just an attempt, so I can create original content for my work, and also explore  a structure also.

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)


Andrew Stiff (astiff)

That’s good Cloudseeker

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

Look forward to your artist statement

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp)

Well done

Ethel Davies (travelographer2)

I’m looking forward to seeing the final work!

Jonathan Kearney (jkearney)

I really like where this is going

Hassen Husain (hassen)

Good job – yep this will be a good one!


Thanks all

Andrew Stiff (astiff)


This has developed into a complex infrastructure – its very good

Well done

Symposium _New video version /Day 1 Symposium

Recorded with Speech Software using artist’s original transcript with visuals.

Symposiums day 1

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 –

Jenni Granholm joined the video conference.

Hassen Husain (hassen): i like the paper art

Rs: me too,gonna make a huge one,one of my pieces

RS: Any its at the very bottom of all the images

Hassen Husain (hassen): it’s a lot like origami and the art of japan which i think would put your work into a genius relam if you could somehow keep up with the theme of poetry

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2): how big Cloudseeker? It sounds terrific!

Hassen Husain (hassen): i think it would be brilliant

RS: 9 pieces, gonna work like crazy and get everything done

Hassen Husain (hassen): yes now I’m feeling sad that I am not going to be at the final show.

Hassen Husain (hassen): i wanted to see it – perhaps you’ll post ont he blog

[4:09:25 pm] Andrew Stiff (astiff): OK – just showing the images in your blog page

[4:09:26 pm] Rabhia Saeeda: I don’t if I can either

[4:09:43 pm] Andrew Stiff (astiff): these images – they have come about through your peotry?

Rs: the audio at the very bottom of them

Andrew Stiff (astiff): your voice was very quiet here  – come you explain very breifly the concept / finshed output?

Jenni Granholm (jenni): I really like the paper it as a material and suits your concept&the feeling of your poems

Hassen Husain (hassen): it brings out a sense of light – doesn’t it?

Hassen Husain has invited Anna-Leiza Barthorpe to the chat.

Andrew Stiff (astiff): how does the structure of the petry relate to the images?

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe joined the chat.

Jenni Granholm (jenni): maybe andy can read from your blog as you have written your text there too…if they couldn’t hear it

Hassen Husain (hassen): Hi Leiza – we’re in Rabhia’s presentation now

RS: there the transcipt on the web the post before all the images-I’ve got no sound

Hassen Husain (hassen): it’s on the blog:

Hassen Husain (hassen): I can’t hear Andy either

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp): OK thanks so much Hassen – so sorry to ahve missed everyone’s – I’ve been trying to get my damn video converted, had a pig of a day so far – now feel terrible not to see yours…

Anna-Leiza Barthorpe (abarthorpe_tmp): Thanks for the link!Andrew Stiff (astiff): Ok thats why we are asking  – can you type – we do not have time to read the transcript now

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2): The paper sculpture has a real sculptrual quality that marries well with the Japanese ethics you are engaging with in your work

Hassen Husain (hassen): no problem at all – you’re such a nice person!

Hassen Husain (hassen): I like how Susan put that

RS: yes -I’m doing a thousand origami cranes for one piece,anyone want to help

RS: it’s a flock

Hassen Husain (hassen): I wonder what paper you will use – is there special paper just only white?

Hassen Husain (hassen): i like the quality of the image when it’s white

Jenni Granholm (jenni): thanks hassen!

Hassen Husain (hassen): and greyish

RS: yes -fabriano paper,because they’ll stand out,when I cover them in black acylic paint

Andrew Stiff (astiff): OK lets move o n thanks R]

RS: Still no sound Andy?

Hassen Husain (hassen): good work Cloudseeker – i can’t wait to read about it on your blog

Andrew Stiff (astiff): now we ahve Varatorn:

Hassen Husain (hassen): sorry to see your images on your blog when you are done

Jenni Granholm (jenni): thanks R !sorry i missed parts.its going really well and will be very interesting work

RS: that’s it ?

Hassen Husain (hassen): yes, good work!


Contributing to other artist Symposium discussions

Hassen Husain

Andrew Stiff (astiff): OK loved the audio –  will heis be your medium?

Hassen Husain (hassen): this will be my main medium – yes

Andrew Stiff (astiff): if not what will the visuals be???

Rabhia Saeeda: I thought you were doing a blog

Hassen Husain (hassen): the visuals will be drawings – left and right handed

Hassen Husain (hassen): it will be on a blog

Rabhia Saeeda: a another blog sorry as the final work

Hassen Husain (hassen): yes i will but a new blog up

[3:48:21 pm] Andrew Stiff (astiff): is the blog [new one up and riunning?]

Cloudseeker: with sound piece on ?

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2): Hassen will there be a booka s well? You mentioned the possibility a week ors o back I think?

Cloudseeker Hassen Husain (hassen): no not yet – I have an idea of what i would like to call it but i will wait to see

[3:49:27 pm] Andrew Stiff (astiff): what will the audio consist of?

Cloudseeker Hassen Husain (hassen): i have a randomized poem which I will narrate much like i did for the symposium

Cloudseeker: I thought your drawings were interesting will give you some link with Andrew Bracy,I think that your drawings will work with the sound,even if they are not the same narritive

Hassen Husain (hassen): it wil be perhaps 3 sets of audio – 5 minutes each

Cloudseeker: where was that ? did I miss it ?

Hassen Husain (hassen): yep I will look into that – thanks so much for this inspiration Cloudseeker!

Andrew Stiff (astiff): how will you relate image to audio

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2): Hassen, how will you show thia , will it be on a screen?  Or as an enviroment?

Hassen Husain (hassen): it’s below the audio Rabhia

Kevin Fox (fox_tmp): Is this overly theorised HAssen…? Do you think it needs to be slightly more visual…?

Hassen Husain (hassen): it will be on a screen Susan

Andrew Stiff (astiff): are the examples oon your blog the acyual drawings

Hassen Husain (hassen): i think i’m stronger at the theory – so that’s why I took that direction

Hassen Husain (hassen): the sketches on the blog are the directions I will take to make digital drawings

Andrew Stiff (astiff): could you explain the methodology behine d the peotery?

Cloudseeker: no i saw the images and the audio, and wonder perhaps you should just give them to another artist to edit,and then they will make their own connections with your work.

Kevin Fox (fox_tmp): Yeah… Im just thinking that in many ways its so thoery based that its almost like it should be written more than anything else…

Hassen Husain (hassen): sure andy – they were dreams that i wrote and I used a macro to take lines out of it and made it more of an alogorithm to randomize it.  I used Microsoft Excel

Andrew Stiff (astiff): everyone here agrees with kevin  – words are stronger – the link to visuals is harder to understand

Cloudseeker: I like the drawings ,the drawings make it interesting, type text make the work less appealing

Andrew Stiff (astiff): why the fear you will die on the second date?

Cloudseeker: but the images give his work a textural feel

Hassen Husain (hassen): it just seemed like the number was a grave stone marker – if you square root 783 it looks like it

Andrew Stiff (astiff): sorry not questoning why your fear that but why are sure thats a date that you would die?

Hassen Husain (hassen): September 27 1982 – July 13 2016

Cloudseeker: hey no knows when you go,no point worrying about it.

Andrew Stiff (astiff): its very cryptic

Hassen Husain (hassen): not sure if i will but it was from a dream – so that’s why i fear

Andrew Stiff (astiff): all want to see a visual aspect  to this

Andrew Stiff (astiff): maybe hats why its good to keep it audio only???

Hassen Husain (hassen): yep – audio only is a good idea

Hassen Husain (hassen): thanks for the suggestion

Cloudseeker: how many drawings do you have ?

Cloudseeker: hey people ask more questions -please

Andrew Stiff (astiff): visually needs to be very stronger then the images on the page

Hassen Husain (hassen): so far I have about 16 – just sketches at this point I tried to have it scanned so i could start to show but the pencil won’t show on the scanner

Hassen Husain (hassen): yes, i agree Andy

Andrew Stiff (astiff): needs ‘polishing’ to make it work tigether

Jenni Granholm (jenni): you don’t have any example of how the abstract digital images would look like?

Hassen Husain (hassen): yes, I agree

Cloudseeker: photocopy them at as dark as you can and then scan them in

Susan Mortimer (smortimer2): Or try photographing them?

Cloudseeker: and photoshop them to give you the right contrast

Hassen Husain (hassen): that’s a brilliant idea – either photogprahing or photocopying them

Andrew Stiff (astiff): ok thanks hassen

Hassen Husain (hassen): thanks so much everyone!