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1.1 Develop your Project Proposal to plan a challenging and self-directed programme of study.

Unit 1- assessment

Intially a bit disappointed, actually quite a bit with myself, but then life's 
been rather tough recently, and I thank God that I've just made 
it through,but definitely , need to work harder and be more focussed.
Will add more considered feedback down below when I've tought about it

                  University of Arts London

Postgraduate Assessment Report

Camberwell College of Arts

1. Your proposal is very interesting and has the potential to develop into challenging and thoughtful work.

However, due to your difficult circumstances things don’t appear to have developed very far.

Personal Project development ?????????????—————————-

2. There is clear evidence particularly in the tutorials and your own notes which you have added as reflection, that you have a clear understanding of the field of research that is relevant to your project.

Unfortunately the depth of critical engagement is not evidenced in the essay or your other blog posts.

You need to allow the research you are doing to impact on your creative practice and reflect on this in your blog.

Answer here????????????????????

3. You have curated your blog well, but there is a lack of creative work.

The poems are very good and show great potential but the visual material amounts to just a few examples.

Again your recent difficult circumstances are the context in which you have been working, however you now need to accelerate the creative work to bring this project up to MA level.

Answer here—————————————————————

4. There is some discussion on your blog where you begin to evaluate your own work but again there needs to be a lot more. If you take the time to reflect on what you are doing and ask yourself even more searching questions about what your are doing, why you are doing it, how you feel when you are doing it, and who you are when you are doing it – this will lead to more effective evaluation and it will be an enormous help to yourself as your work develops.

Answer here======================================

5. Your contributions, honesty and support to your fellow students is excellent and your have contributed well.

Answer here=====================================

6. This has been a difficult unit of the course and you should be credited for sticking with it despite all that is going on.

Now is the time to push further and bring in all the wider research you have identified and develop the visual work much more. If you work at deepening the reflection and evaluation this will make the next unit easier even though there is much work still to do.

answer here==============================================

Research Paper – refer to the brief and reference comments in relation to the academic structure and unit 1 learning outcomes 2, 3

Your essay raises lots of interesting questions and you engage with a wide range of ideas and thoughts. However, there are several problems with what you have written

Firstly there are too many questions and this means your approach is too wide and lacks clarity in what you are trying to address.

The depth of engagement with the various issues is shallow and descriptive rather than a deep critical investigation.

If you focused your attention more and explored in greater depth the key issues, such as open source culture or hacking culture, then your essay would have been more successful. It appears that neither of these 2 issues has really been explored. This leads to the second major problem, you have not used the Harvard system of citation.

This may seem like a purely technical requirement, however it is essential for us to follow your sources and see what you have been reading.

It is difficult to follow your citations and the Harvard system is an essential requirement of this university. The unusual use of punctuation and capital letters in the middle of sentences also doesn’t help with clarity.


Harvard system-No idea how it works, made no sense at all to me, tried the Numerical method, wanted to convert in to Harvard but ran out of time writing it.

“unusual use of punctuation & capital letters in the middle of sentences also doesn’t help with clarity”

Fair point, but I just get confused with the whole punctuation & capital letters,usually I go over a piece of writing a number of times,until its right,but I just ran out of time.


Writing …………………………………………………

The new song by Cheryl Cole is mesmerizing, and I’m not sure why, I heard it yesterday, when I saw the video, which is amazing visually, there a two separate narrative which sometimes merge, part of it look like a kaleidoscope.

I like the repeated note, it add a sense of for boarding, and reminds me of the white noise throughout the legendary “Bad”, which is still an amazing textually.

I ‘m interested in creating multi-layered narrative within my work, to explore all the Japanese traditional forms I was looking at, at the very beginning of this MA.

The original idea of the MA was to explore traditional Japanese Poetry forms, but I wanted to use new material, but it has ended up being about being about myself.

These ideas that float about somewhere, the words solidify them, only when they written, I realize what has been bothering me.

Even as I read all of the poems I’ve written this year, at times they appear to be about another person, there’s a disconnection, at times ,writing feels like therapy without the drugs.

Three words ( Cheryl Cole )

Two Narratives are represented ,which are partially connected but also separated.

Three Narratives– (Janet )Make Me, and Three words (Cheryl Cole)


But really likin’ JJ new song-MAke Me

Really feelin’ shattered, after workin’ on my MA none stop .

Done some work  on the curating for assessment today, but still got so much to do………..

But today doesn’t start till I’ve had a nap, but I will just have to go to bed early ,tonight.