Green Space (IE6)



Today’s Green space

Tomorrows -high-rise.

Shh-In the concrete city-

Only birdsong heard-

Is a Compilation?

Written for the King Place Haiku Competition.


First version of the poem “Green space” which will be a scale model of how Green space is used and abused by developer,planners and the people in general.

Learning how I use sketch up as I go,this model will be 3d printed on Friday hopefully.



APRIL 19, 2010
Green space poem is realised though a carbon sculpture,Carbon is essential for life and also used for its green value and eaten as a remedy (charcoal) against upset stomach and modern medicine to remove toxins from the body.

The trace of life before development

The collection of life-Carbon dating

Directly above is the final test piece,the only difference is,the actual piece of work, will have a larger mass of carbon Lemons and photographed higher resolution,this quick photograph taken with a compact digital photograph, but the idea is still a working process and may still change.



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