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Unit 2-Assessment

Unit 2/L 1- Realise the Project Proposal and prepare towards final exhibition.

The purpose of my project proposal was to explore how “How can Japanese poetry structure become the structure of a non-written form of contemporary Sound Design? (October 2008) and the aims were to explore a number of Japanese poetry forms; this in essence has remained constant backbone of the project.

Unit 1,was an exploration phase in my practice, in which I focused on writing poetry, photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, in general developing my experience in a range of areas.

Towards the end of unit 2, I created “Butterflies” white edition, opened up the possibility of symbolic representation of abstract ideas, and lead to a further two pieces, in the Butterflies trilogy, thus the idea of multiple linked narratives was formed.

In the “Perfect Cloud” series, the animation remains the same in both variations, it is only by replacing an alterative audio, does the narrative appear to change, by our own association with the words spoken, in the first we question our morality and in the second we read the film as a child does in term of things they like.

The IE 9 series contains single narrative and inter-linked narrative works; this is something I will be interested in developing further possibly in longer “short film “ format.

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Perfect Cloud Final versions-Variation 1 & Variation 2

Perfect Cloud V1

This features the mystery artist,I think it is obvious who it is,it is unedited,and the entire animation “Perfect Cloud” was edited

to match the audio ,in full length.

I realise that the audio quality has a distortion,I have been trying to remove this or make it less,so far my attempts have not been successful.

The reason why this audio was chosen because the artist talks about art,the effect of art the artist’s legacy and his own feelings about his work,in the end the transient nature of clouds,morality and the notion of wabi-sabi, all come to play,because as we watch these clouds,we are aware, that this artist is gone, but his work,done live on,and we question the worth of own work and our own legacy as artists.

Perfect Cloud V2

This variation was created especially for the London Children’s Film Festival 2010 and features (M.F.N),it was recorded in one

take,without any manipulation editing,the content was cut to match the length of the animation (same animation as Perfect Cloud V1) and was a live unscripted performance,and whilst “the voice” ,was told to talk about clouds,but not what to say

It will also be sent to the Exposures film festival 2010 (Cornerhouse).

Woke up

So cold everywhere this morning,drinking green tea from my flask,still quite hot from last night,and was listening to the radio Rihanna “Umbrella”, now channel hopping radio stations.Just found “Ain’t no sunshine” Bill Wlthers .

Watching Streetfighter,based on a comic ,and got Van Damm and Kylie,will add my thoughts later,well it’s research sort of . Loved it ,its sooo underated.

I ‘ve started learning how to use GarageBand 3 properly instead of trying to Wing it, and made a few experimental compositions ,trying to see develops some skills.

Created two compositions “Three Pianos “and ” untitled “.

Also watched a lived concert of Beyonce,I loved like her Scat singing,in a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, whose work I’ve been looking at also was great researching it ,and hearing it performed was a great experience and Loved Beyonce  her  song”Irreplaceable ” .

Having  problems uploading audio ,will have to look into it.