Exhibition Copy

Spent the whole day on the exhibition copy of IE 9 series,couldn’t make the audio on Perfect Cloud V1 any better,actually sounded worse when I tried to get rid of that hum,so I guess the hum stays.

Photographed Butterflies V1 again, ended up removing the glass from the frame ,so I could photograph work without reflections,also discovered the frame is  looking rather shabby,will have to buy a new one, and I can’t bear to throw this one out so I guess I will have to keep it somewhere as well,and the butterflies are looking a bit worn out also,so I guess I will have to make a new set soon.

Found out odd spelling errors(like 201010) in end credits and flash was exporting blank Quicktime,really testing my inner calm or what.

Anyway, finally burned two DVD pal copy with continuous play,will have to post them tomorrow.