Progress of IE 9 Series film

Uploaded an iPhone.m4v, version of IE 9 Series film,means I can show and talk about my work without having to carry my mac around.

Also watched the exhibition copy of IE9 series film on the big screen (okay bigger than my mac) on the t.v screen with using the dvd player,I was just too excited for words.

Got the bug for creating animation again, enjoyed the results even though flash and final Cut drove to despair quite a few times,but that because there wasn’t really enough time ,that why there were silly errors, but then you live and learn and loved garageband,will have to get a keyboard,I think.

And I now I can start to remake Butterflies,a full version for the Exposures Film festival,I know how it’s going to look and it will be work better than the “working version” in the Ie 9 series.

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