Intangible Existence -begins to emerge

Will be attending an induction tomorrow and trying out all the machines ( Series 3D Printer, Epilog laser (laser cutting and engraving machine) ,Roland Modela MDX-20 Desktop Miller, Roland Vinyl Cutter (decals),and Shopbot CNC Router and Janome MC 200E Embroidery machine and then work out what is possible.

It gonna be amazing,to design something ,and watch it being fabricated …I’m such a fan and I haven’t even seen anything…need to take lots of photos for my blog.

Need to create test files ,to test my own designs and get a feel for the technology.

Initially Intangible Existence was going to be entirely handmade, now I thinks it probably going to be 50 % handmade & 50 % digital,because I wanted to explore ideas within each poems but not represent their narratives fully and wanted to create a box of all the work,which could then be shown in a number of different locations simultaneously ,this meant either digital prints or copying my own work a number of times,so I decided on the first option.

So anyone interested in hosting the entire exhibition all 21 pieces-send me a message…. all places will be considered as long as they promise to document the exhibition and take due care of the work…I’m hoping to create 3 -5 separate Exhibition in boxes ,but it depends on the final cost.

Last count there was a number of Prints,paintings(digital Prints),Sculpture, Installation (outdoors), sound, film and animation.,sound slightly courageous but I know it will workout.

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