Reflections on MA Feedback

How can an appraisal of a body of work, by a third party, have a negative effect, on how an artist, feels about the said work, and yet the true test of the artistic practice, can really only really be, whether the work achieved the original goals of the work, not the final grade given.

I was unfortunate enough to feel, rather devastated by parts of the feedback given, on the IE 9 Series, but then I caught myself, and questioned, my initial response, and considered the feedback within a number of rational parameters of reflection.

In the first, what environment was the work created within?

I know that it was created in extremely challenging environment largely because of external factors.

Was not deferring the course a bad decision?

No, I still believe it was right to continue with the course, despite its challenges, deferring the course, may of resulted in the work becoming an unrealized body of work.

So then I question the feedback, do I agree with it?

Mostly yes, its unfortunate nature, but from a detached viewpoint, I can see most of the points of concern.

With hindsight, would I have changed any decision along the way?


Finally, the IE9 MA exhibition film was just a glimpse of the future, of a solo exhibition in progress, and not a final conclusion.

In the future, the IE 9 series will be completed, but when I feel it is done rather than a scheduled date.

So then I am forced to reason, that the result too, is something I am truly proud of, and will be celebrating my MA, as a result of fearless dedication and of course the work, sheds away all past boundaries and redefines my artistic practice – not bad for a part time distance learning Masters!

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