Impossible Ideas


 I am will be doing online  course  in Sustainable Communities called In a Nutshell, the question might be why, the answer is simple, if as artist’s we want to make work which is both about the community and a forward reflection for the future, then we should know something about how our intervention can help in a positive manner, after all Art doesn’t only hang in white Galleries , it real effect,
is the positive influence that it can make on a daily basis.
Public art has been hijacked by conservatism or at the very worst ego-manic,who create art For the people without any consideration to whether it will benefit them in any way, the work in public spaces has more to do whose funding it and the artist’s themselves.
I want to make work which does something more than be an object, it has to exsist but also have a point, beauty for the sake of beauty doesn’t feel enough anymore.

As artists –

we believe in the impossible ideas-

Even , if it seems un-achieveable,

Self belief  is the only answer –

But also, a little money also help.

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