Claim Expenses list -100 SQFT Exhibition

Last lap, after the long trek to John Lewis,in Cheadle to get the frame for the Butterflies piece, which was perfect, really really happy, and it came with a big box and bubble wrap, which I will use for posting to the show.

All I have to do, is redo butterflies, and mount them, Signage and one butterfly for the box and post.

Exhibition Cost  (two places side by Side) -2 x £10 =£20—–100 SQFT 

John Lewis box Frame – 17.50—John Lewis

Train Travel-£7.00   —(to collect frame from Herald Green)

Sello Parcel Tape-£2.10—-Rymans

Sello D/side Tape £3.49—-Rymans

Sticki Dots £1.09—-Rymans

Steel Pins £0.80—-Abakhans Fabrics

Gioia Frame 5×5 Whit-£14.00—Paperchase

White A4 Foa,board 5 £2.00—–Paperchase

Kraft Ribbed Rect (box)    £2.00—-Paperchase

Costa Hot Chocolate +Shortbread   £3.60—-Costa Coffee

Sub total -£73.58

Postage  to exhibit —-Guess £10-15—–Actual £21.65

Postage return—-Guess £10-15———-Actual  £21.65
Guess Total Cost for exhibition -£100—Actual £116.88

I love lists ,I have no idea why but I like collecting lists which irrelevant but somehow interesting—use for Random elements

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